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As all of you know, I will read just about any genre and I do not discriminate. In fact, I think the only book category that I haven’t read much in is the Young Adult. So it was purely by chance that I came across FALLEN by Lauren Kate. While at Comic-Con I was given the audio book from Random House and decided to give it a try. I can honestly say that I haven’t read a sex-free book in quite some time, but this book had so much more that I hardly even noticed.

How do you explain the unexplainable? How does a 17 year old girl explain the dark shadows that lurk around her? For 12 years Lucinda Price, Luce for short, has seen them. The inky pools of darkness lurk, shift and appear when bad things seem to happen, that is what had gotten her sent to Sword & Cross reform school. The unexplainable accident that killed her “friend” Trevor and marked her as a freak, or at least it made her the girl that freaky things happened around. Sword & Cross was her last chance, the court had sentenced her to this place…hopefully the shadows would stay away.

I had a hard time believing this novel was YA, mainly because it was written so that no matter your age you’d love this book. Lauren took great care to make sure you were involved in this story, putting the magic in the details. I apologize for being vague, but I don’t want to give anything away. The title FALLEN leads you to conclude this is a book about an angel, oh this is a perfect case of “there’s more to a book than its cover”. You will find passion, history, regret, love, betrayal, mystery, myth and pure magic on the pages within the book FALLEN. Dive into a story of undying love, epic battles between good and evil and life for a special 17 yr old girl, it’s worth every turn of the page.

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