Angel of Darkness (The Fallen, #1)Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

I have been looking forward to this book for about a month now, and the wait was totally worth it.

Keenan is an Angel of Death, and one of his charges is a lovely, innocent, and nice school teacher named Nicole. When it comes down to the moment where Nicole is meeting her death by vampire in a dark alley, she fights. Nicole fights until she has nothing left in her. Keenan is an unfeeling angel who has seen it all. They don’t lust, or hate, or love, or anything (yep, virgin hero-yay!) And yet now, he feels, he wants, he breaks the rules.

By killing the vampire instead of Nicole, Keenan is cast from heaven by Azrael, and is now Fallen. First item on his list? Find out if Nicole survived. He was cast out of heaven for saving her, she damn well better be alive.

Six months later, when he finds her, he can’t believe that his sweet little school teacher is the same woman as this seductive vamp trolling for victims. Frankly, neither can Nicole. But she’s been on every demon-hunter’s wish list for a while now, and every bounty hunter at Night Watch knows all about her, she thinks she just has really bad luck. She’s not wrong.

But to Keenan, she’s his key. Key to what? You’ll have to read to find out. 😉

There is one thing that I wish I’d had more insight into-Connor. It seemed he would have a bigger role, than what he had. I mean, he was the ex-boyfriend/a-hole who deserved a fiery and painful death…kinda wish we’d seen more of him. Or more of what he’d done to Nicole.

I like how with Sam, you never know if he’s your friend, or frenemy. I hope we see much more of him. I also totally had the bad guys backwards in this one. Sam really isn’t a bad guy, Fallen Angel, sure, but bad guy? Nah.

Sam and Keenan made a pretty impressive team, one Azrael won’t forget…and I don’t think he’s gone, either.

With fast paced action, and great characters, this was such an intense book that I got sucked into it and could hardly put it down. So into it, in fact, that I burnt dinner. It’s a really good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog, or I think he’d be mad at the real reason we didn’t have twice baked potatoes last night.

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***thank you to Kensington for the review copy