Vampire in Her MystsVampire in Her Mysts by Meagan Hatfield

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m cheap.
That’s right, folks, I’m cheap. So when I see a novella for $2.99 I don’t want to buy it. I mean 3 bucks for 50 pages? yeah, no.

Well, I loved Meagan Hatfield’s Shadow of the Vampire and I loved her writing enough to pay those 3 dollars for an ebook short. And you know what? I loved it so much I’m gonna tell you guys to go spend 3 bucks on a novella!

This novella was AWESOME!!! Harlequin has an imprint called Nocturne Bites and I have yet to be disappointed. This story was soo good! We have Ileana who stumbles upon Yuri in the Mysts-a vampire world. He was chased into the Mysts by the bounty hunters his brother contracted for him. His twin brother is one bad mofo and Ileana knows this firsthand. Will Ileana and Yuri band together to survive? Will Yuri try to show Ileana that his family may have blood on their hands, but he is not like them? Or will he let her go, leave her and try to make his way back to Earth? You’ll have to read it, and I highly recommend this book and this author. Meagan Hatfield is my new go-to author for paranormal romance.

In fact I’m downloading her other short Dragon Warrior right now
And one last comment-I adore this cover. It not only captures Ileana to perfection, but it’s just gorgeous.

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