A Night of Secrets (Night #1)A Night of Secrets by Lori Brighton

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Laurie over at www.bittenbyparanormalromance.com once suggested one of this author’s books, and I loved it! (The Ghost Hunter) Then I read a story in Entangled that was historical vampires, and had to read more.

I enjoyed this one. It’s got a lot going on in it, which kind of works against it, but I like the fresh voice and the story enough that I didn’t mind. The only thing I just did not like was the heroine’s body betrayed her at every chance it got. I just can’t stand when a heroine is (rightly) pissed at the hero and his very nearness turns her into a pot of simmering hormones. I take that back, once or twice in a book, it’s fine, but it was all the dang time in this one!

That being said, I really REALLY had a hard time putting the book down. I liked the characters, and I liked the hero having to sort of regain his humanity and relearn emotions. The one thing I really like that was stressed in this book, is that the vampires don’t think of humans as anything more than a means to an end. A food source. Now I don’t mean in the cruel way, just in the way that humans are there, but the vampires keep to themselves. So for Grayson to have these annoying twinges in the vicinity of his heart was a great touch.

The book opens with Meg visiting London on a charity mission with her father, the vicar of their little town. She witnesses an atrocity, a beautiful woman asks for her help, and gains the promise to watch out for her daughter Collette. And then the woman falls over in a pool of blood while shadows with glowing eyes take her away.

A couple years later, Meg is swimming with her youngest sister Hanna out at the pond, which is where the new owner of the neighboring property finds her. . .and he finds a dead body.

Grayson is looking for his niece Collette, and all of his leads have led him to Meg’s family. Could Hanna be his long-lost niece? If she is, she’s going to go through a massive change in a few months. But Grayson’s search for Collette is constantly hindered by Meg, and since all of his thoughts are consumed with Meg, he realizes that he’s not being very observant. Two vampires are in the area, there have been several murders, and Meg is a suspect.

I loved the story, I think the suspense plot was a teeny bit weak, but I was definitely surprised by the culprit. He was a nasty sort, too. But Meg and Grayson do get their HEA, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick and interesting Historical Paranormal Romance.

***Thank you to the author for the ebook

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