A Dead End Christmas by Alyssa DayA Dead End Christmas by Alyssa Day
Series: Tiger's Eye Mystery #9
on January 28, 2023
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 304
Format: eBook
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It’s Christmas time in Dead End.

And this year Santa’s bringing … murder!

Join Tess, Jack, and the gang for the craziest Christmas since Fluffy the taxidermied alligator was still alive and got into Otis’s moonshine.

Because in Dead End, that reindeer you thought you saw might have been Bigfoot in disguise … and you never, ever want to see elves. Christmas might be merry after all, if Tess can investigate Santa and Jack can use his tiger’s eye to see the truth.

Because nobody wants to miss Christmas in Dead End!!

Warning: This book contains a taxidermied alligator, shapeshifters, Santa, elves, a dead body, magic, hideously bad singing, horrible puns, a slow-burning romance, mystery, mayhem, and “I laughed so hard I almost peed myself”* humor.

Read at your own risk.

In Dead End, Florida Tess and Jack have a lot on their plates. With their budding relationship progressing, and ghosts, fairies, shifters, vampires, Atlanteans, and so many other paranormals popping up left and right, a couple of fighting Santas don’t really register as all that important. Until one of them ends up murdered.

The small, tight-knit town of Dead End is also dealing with a large mega superstore wanting to swoop in and build in their area. The promises of jobs and money isn’t enough until a petty crime spree around town gets bigger. The super shop company has sent out a team to convince the Dead Enders that they do want the new store built in there town, and one of the things they can do with the money is to hire more police for their podunk town. This actually resonates with many of the townspeople, especially since their sheriff is out of town, so they don’t have a police force to speak of.

Tess is a pawnshop owner who can see how someone died by touching them, Jack is a rebel leader tiger shifter turned P.I. who has left his fighting days behind him. And they somehow keep getting dragged into the investigation.

The petty crime like stealing tools, or spray painting “Cats Rule, Dogs Drool” on the new veterinarian’s office doesn’t seem super important when a Santa has just been murdered, but somehow Tess and Jack keep getting drawn in to all of the weird crimes. But when one of their own is framed for the Santa murder, well, what can they do but help investigate?

This book, this whole series, in fact, is just plain fun. lt’s a light and fluffy mystery, if you can have a light and fluffy murder that is. I always like to think of this series as a more fun and funny Sookie Stackhouse series. But better. I love that it’s funny and zany. I’ve been reading Alyssa Day for a long time, so I know she can write dark, and heavy. But I really am enjoying this lighter and fluffier series. If you want a good cozy mystery where the heroine stress bakes, and the hero eats more food than even my teenage son, because tiger shifter metabolism, then you definitely need this series. If you just want an enjoyable and light cozy mystery, this series has your name on it! Enjoy, dear readers, this book is for you!

***I bought this book