Worst Best Man by Lucy ScoreThe Worst Best Man on February 9, 2018
Genres: Romance
Pages: 448
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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"Newsflash. You don't buy me, a$#%^*e. You earn me."

The bride is a doll. The groom is the perfect gentleman. But the rest of the wedding party? They're the stuff of nightmares. Rich? Check. Vapid? Double Check. Entitled? Not enough checks in the world. And the Best Man? More like the Worst Man.

But Maid of Honor Franchesca takes her duties seriously. Kidnapped groom? She's got this. Rude attendees? You just watch her handle them. So a Best Man with a big attitude and an even bigger...checkbook? Yeah, there's no way she's going to let that pretentious, judgmental jackhole ruin her best friend's wedding. No matter how sexy he is. (Well, that's the plan anyway...)

Aiden Kilbourn doesn't do long-term relationships. He's busy ruling the business world, and has yet to find a woman he can tolerate for longer than a month, two at the outside, anyway. Conquering the unconquerable is basically his bread and butter. And he hasn't met a challenge that he can't win. But Franchesca Baranski? This smart-mouthed girl from Brooklyn may just be his downfall.

This book begins as a fantastic Rom Com. I laughed and smiled a lot! Franchesca (Frankie) is maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. Shes brash, she’s beautiful, she’s from Brooklyn. Her best friend, Pru is rich. She is socialite level rich. So Frankie picks up a second job with a catering service to pay for her maid of honor duties/dress/tickets to the destination wedding…Pru offered to pay for all of it, but Frankie pays her own way, and that’s that.

At the wedding, she meets Pru and her groom Chip’s good friend Aiden. He’s New York’s most eligible bachelor, and Frankie wants none of him, no matter how sexy he is.

The two of them are fantastic together. The banter and the chemistry, all of it, is top notch Rom Com fodder. I think the whole first third of this book had me double checking the cover to see if it was a cartoon cover. I mean, it really opens and reads as a Rom Com. The groom is kidnapped, Frankie and Aiden are the only people who can help rescue him since everyone else is drunk, so hijinks ensue.

They wind up having a sexy one night stand but then the book changes. It still had the funny vibe, but it was no longer Rom Com. It was very much sexy and sex-full. I mean the amount of sex in this book, whew. Grab a cold drink!

Frankie is certain from the get-go that Mr. Most Eligible Bachelor is going to leave her once he grows bored of the chase. Aiden doesn’t realize right away, but he’s already in deep. He goes all in, but Frankie is still holding back, and once she gets a much-needed kick in the pants from Pru, she meets Aiden halfway and they both go “all in.”

The middle however got bogged down with the will-they/won’t they and for once I didn’t mind it that much. The book is good, what can I say? She kept up the humor, although it was as I said, way less Rom Com and just a fun book at this point. But it got serious with the will Frankie finally let Aiden fully into her heart? Will Aiden’s world be too hard on Frankie? How can just a normal girl go from normal life, normal job, to the front of every gossip blog, magazine, etc and stay who she is? Can Aiden’s family accept a girl from Brooklyn into their lives? She’s mouthy, brash, sexy, and refuses to be more than his eye candy for the night. His family doesn’t love that. Add to that, Aiden has a pretty big secret he’s been hiding from Frankie. How on earth will they work?

But they do work, they do love each other, and they do get their happily ever after. I will read this author again.

I loved this author’s sense of humor, I loved how she made Frankie strong and stubborn, but also willing to listen to her friend. She needed someone to check her every now and then. And I loved how Aiden went from “I take what I want and manipulate to get what I want,” to ” What I want is Frankie to be happy. I want to be the one who makes her happy.” He is a good man who loves Frankie for all parts of her. This book ends with both of them growing and earning their HEA. I really enjoyed it and I saw there is a free bonus epilogue that I will be downloading today.

Note: This book has an alternate title and cover…it looks like it was published through Forever for a short time? I’m not sure and can’t find a clear answer. The other title is NOT MY TYPE. I don’t know if it’s still available or not, but if you see the title, now you’ll know it’s the same book.

***I bought this book and it is in Kindle Unlimited