Vonda Sinclair Guest PostMy Notorious Highlander by Vonda Sinclair
on November 24, 2013
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Chief Torrin MacLeod vows to possess and wed the spirited lady who stole his heart the previous winter. But Lady Jessie MacKay wants naught to do with the dangerous warrior, no matter how devilishly handsome and charming he is. When Torrin arrives unexpectedly at Jessie's home, along with Gregor MacBain, a man Jessie was formerly handfasted to, she is thrown off-kilter. She never wanted to see either man again, but now they are vying for her hand. Torrin promises to protect her from the devious MacBain, but how can she trust Torrin when she has witnessed how lethal he is? The more time Torrin spends with the strong and independent Jessie, the more determined he is to win her heart. Once she allows him a kiss, he feels her passion flame as hot as his own. After she knows Torrin better, Jessie finds herself falling for the fearsome Highlander. But the odds are stacked against them. The sinister MacBain is bent on kidnapping Jessie, making her his bride and killing Torrin, while Jessie's conniving younger brother, Haldane, is determined to use Jessie to take over the castle in his older brother's absence. Jessie fears she can never be with the man she loves, while Torrin will do everything in his power to ensure they are together forever. In his heart, she is the only lady for him.

Let’s welcome Vonda Sinclair, fellow Highland Romance author, lover of Scotland, and writer of delicious Highlanders. With her latest book My Notorious Highlander having just released, I’ve asked her to give us a taste of her favorite places in Scotland.

Also she is giving away books 1, 2, and 3 in her Highland Adventure series, so leave a comment for us so we can pick our random winner! Stay tuned later this week for my awesome review of My Notorious Highlander.

“For me, it’s very difficult to choose only a few favorites. I love many, many places in Scotland, but I’ll try to narrow it down.

Eilean Donan Castle

Sango Bay in Durness is my absolute favorite because it’s incredibly beautiful there and I felt a strong connection to the beach the first time I visited. That first visit was only about fifteen minutes and I spent it trying to absorb the atmosphere and capture it on camera so I could take it with me in the only ways possible. I set an important scene in My Notorious Highlander there. And most of two of my books (My Brave Highlander and My Notorious Highlander) are set in Durness and the nearby Balnakeil Bay.

Clan Cottages near Oban is my favorite place to stay in Scotland. These lovely cottages have thatch roofs and stone exteriors. They are set in a circle and look like a Celtic village on the edge of a loch. The cottages are new and have all the modern conveniences but they are so charming and the setting is mesmerizing. I love getting out and walking in the surrounding area, along the country roads, talking to the sheep, climbing the nearby hill. The scenery is beautiful and the owners are friendly and welcoming. It feels like a home away from home.


Glencoe is a must-see if you visit the Highlands. It is hauntingly beautiful. There are a few great places to walk or hike there. This gives you more opportunity to absorb the amazing atmosphere and view the beauty close up. It was a sunny June day the first time I saw Glencoe, and the grass was blindingly bright green and vibrant. It took my breath away. In July of this year, we walked a long trail there in the rain. I love doing things like this because I feel it gives my stories more realism.

Sango Bay

Eilean Donan Castle is the most photographed castle in Scotland. It’s hard to think of Scotland without visualizing this iconic castle set at the meeting of three lochs. The setting is stunningly beautiful. This is many people’s favorite place in Scotland and with good reason. It’s easy to imagine yourself slipped back in time to centuries ago. Exploring the castle and then photographing it outside from all angles and vantage points, at different times of day, is one of my favorite things to do.

Clan Cottages

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven on the east coast of Scotland is one of the most dramatic and memorable castles to visit. The castle, mostly a ruin, sits perched on a high cliff over the North Sea. The walls of most of the buildings still stand but the roofs are gone. Birds now inhabit this once great castle. But, walking through the buildings, I felt history surrounding me. When I looked out the windows to the sea and rocks below, I realized I had the same view as those who lived there centuries ago.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my favorite places in Scotland. I love working on bringing these places to life in my stories and transporting readers to 17th century Scotland.”

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Bio: Vonda Sinclair’s favorite indulgent pastime is exploring Scotland, from Edinburgh to the untamed and windblown north coast. She also enjoys creating hot Highland heroes and spirited lasses to drive them mad. Her historical romances have won an EPIC Award and a National Readers’ Choice Award. She lives with her amazing and supportive husband in the mountains of North Carolina where she is no doubt creating another Scottish story.

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