Hello All,
I just finished up 2 books that I absolutely loved.

First, Let’s start with THE DARKEST HOUR by MAYA BANKS.
Have you been looking for that next military/black ops series full of excitement? Well look no more.
Maya introduces us to a family, but not just any kind of family, these are the Kelly’s. Each one of the Kelly boys have seen there share of war, fighting and some things I’d tell you about…but then I’d have to kill you! LOL
Anyhow our hero, Ethan Kelly, is a Navy Seal…well he’s an EX Seal now. In a failed attempt to pull his  marriage back together he left the service and basically did everything possible to push his wife Rachel away. Since the disappearance of his wife over a year ago, Ethan has pulled away from his family and loved ones. Rachels death seems to be eating at Ethan and the guilt of how things were left is tearing him apart.

An anonymous note arrives, Ethan can not believe it…Rachel is alive! Not matter what, Ethan will use his training and risk it all to find her and bring her back,
back from her inprisionment
back to her family
back into his arms.
Nothing will stop him.

Love the book! I give it 4 stars and a big HooYah! Nothing like a ripped, tactical trained hottie to set your blood on fire… and he has a sensitive side. Most of all I enjoyed the cast of characters that comprised  the Kelly family, we have a slew of brothers that I just can’t wait to find out about.
Maya is a new author to me, and now a MUST READ & keeper.

Thank you Maya for allowing me to review this book. Look for the next one in the series:
NO PLACE TO RUN coming next month, Dec. 7th!

Next Up!
BLOOD BORN by Linda Howard & Linda Jones
Wait for it….an ORIGINAL story about vampires! Yay!
I gave this book 5 stars. I think it’s the original storyline that got me, although I must warn all of you that this is the first in the series so we had a little bit of mapping and setting the rules of the story.
Once warmed up though, it was a smooth ride.
There’s nothing I like more then a strong vampire, well they are all strong being vampires, but Luca Ambrus has a presence unlike any other. He is Blood born, vampire by birth…brought into this world by two of his very kind. He has lived for thousands of years and now is an agent for the council..those who govern his kind. He is an enforcer of sorts, sent to dispatch those that betray the secercy and sanctity of the council and what it is to be vampire.

A criptic summons brings Luca to the council’s headquarters and the scene of a brutal killing. Along this path Luca crosses another, Chloe Fallon, a conduit. She is just one that stands in the way of a conpiracy to enslave humans and bring vampires out of the shadows. Luca must hunt these rogue vampires, in order to save the human race and Chloe Fallon.
Bonds are created and a link forms between Luca and Chloe, strange and forgein, they both fight what certainly can not be denied.

Absolutely love it, a great read….