RITA Award-winning author Tessa Dare has been one of my favorites for a while. I have had the Spindle Cove series sitting on my Nook for a few months now, and one night I was looking at my books when I saw A Night to Surrender on my nook. I flipped through the first few pages and next thing I know, I’m up reading until 1:00 am! Each day this week I’ll post a review of one of the Spindle Cove books, ending with her brand new release A Lady By Midnight which releases next Tuesday. And rumor has it Ms. Tessa Dare might stop by with a guest pot 😉 This is the first book in her Spindle Cove series,and the book that won the RITA last month. I loved it, I was hooked instantly, and drawn in by the wit and beauty of the characters. Enjoy the review, then go enjoy the book! A Night to Surrender (Spindle Cove, #1)A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare
My rating: 5 of 5 flames

I’ve wanted to read this one for a while, and the other night I was flipping through to see if it was what I wanted to read before bed. *sigh* I should have known you can’t just “flip through” one of Tessa Dare’s books. I was up til 1 am where I had to stop because my eyes literally wouldn’t focus any longer. In fact, I think the same could be said of all 3 books in this series, since I read them all in the same week.

Susanna is the only daughter of an eccentric nobleman, and she takes care of her papa (sort of reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and her inventor papa). She also seems to run the small town of Spindle Cove. It became a haven for awkward young ladies, ladies who’d been ruined, or women with health issues who needed a respite.

Bram is an officer who’s recovering from a gunshot to the knee. He is hell-bent on proving he can still command his regiment. His last ditch effort to prove this is to find Sir Lewis, a friend of his father, and a man who has the Prince Regent’s ear, to see if he can’t put in a good word for him.

On his way down, his company is halted by sheep in the middle of the road, and his cousin, their demo expert, decides to set a charge to scatter the sheep. Bram sees a pretty country girl right in the blast path, so he tackles her. What follows is one of the funniest scenes in any book ever. He’s absolutely aware of her soft womanly body beneath him, and she thinks he’s addled in the brain for blasting sheep.

This is where Tessa Dare excels-the banter. The writing is fantastic, the romance is sweet, and all of it comes down to the connection between the characters. Bram and Susanna have a great connection. They are good together and you find yourself rooting for their Happily Ever After.

I recommend this to everyone. It is passionate and witty, fun and romantic, and you won’t want to miss it.

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