5/5 stars. Wow, this book had some twists and turns. In case we’ve forgotten, the warrior Brennan was cursed by sea god Poseidon to never feel emotion…until he meets his true mate. But then he will immediately forget her the second she’s out of his sight. Remember when he went psycho on the vamps in Boston? Yep, that’s why…2000 years worth of emotion crashed over him at the sight of investigative reporter Tiernan. So 2 books later, we see what happens when he meets her again. Well, he feels her get bit by a vampire, and you guessed it…he feels her fear and not knowing who he’s going to protect, he goes to her. Tiernan sees a mist appear in her room, and when it turns out to be Brennan, she’s excited, til he is dropped by all of those emotions again. The whole first night they’re together is a battle for Brennan to stay sane, and for Tiernan to stay within his sight, so he won’t forget her. In fact, when they wake up together, Brennan has forgotten her. She kissed his memories back to him, but he still only retains the recent memories. When they finally are alone together and reach the soul-meld, Ms. Alyssa Day threw a twist at us…Tiernan wants nothing more to do with Brennan…he’s going to forget her every morning, and any time they are out of sight.

But then, they are captured by the big bad who is enthralling shifters into the vampire’s evil bidding. But, the shifters’ minds can’t hold the thrall and they inevitably go mad, and tear everybody near them apart. ick. But turns out it’s humans who are helping the vamps, and it’s not vampire thrall, but neuro science at it’s best, er, worst. Mind control that is soo soo inhumane and torturous that using the innocent humans and shifters just breaks your heart.
After several days of fracturing their minds, Brennan can only remember his name and the woman. She is in the cell next to him, but he can’t quite connect the woman in his head with the woman in his cell (Tiernan). But when she is threatened in front of him, his mind repairs itself enough that he saves her, tears apart every bad guy like we’ve been dying to see, and then tries to get them the heck outta Dodge. But they are recaptured and their brains scrambled once more, but each is made to think the other is dead, and Brennan gets medieval on them. Ooh, and how. But, big plot twist, Tiernan actually dies! One of Brennan’s gifts is lighting, he helps the defibrilators along, and brings her back, more fighting…boy is there more fighting, and finally a small HEA, until Poseidon realizes that Brennan is emoting and happy and has cheated the curse, since Tiernan technically died, the curse was broken. But luckily the moody sea god has a dark sense of humor and just messes with them before giving them a BIG HEA. Oh and triplets, don’t forget the triplets.