Monica McCarty Wrote a Regency?!The Unthinkable by Monica McCarty
on April 2015
Genres: Regency Romance
Format: eBook
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Five years ago Eugenia “Genie” Prescott, the daughter of a country parson, gave her heart to a young nobleman who betrayed her. Seduced by an unspoken promise of marriage, she is forced from her home to avoid scandal. Irreparably changed from the destruction wrought by the failed relationship, Genie has paid for her sins in tragedy and heartbreak. Returning to England on the arm of the man who rescued her from hell, she is determined to reclaim the life denied her and never be at the mercy of a man again. But the secrets of the past threaten to ruin her future when she comes face-to-face with the man whose betrayal nearly destroyed her.

Forced to choose between duty and desire, Lord Fitzwilliam Hastings refused to defy his family and do the unthinkable: marry a girl of inferior wealth and rank. But by time he realizes his error, Genie has disappeared. Haunted by the failure of his youth, and by the girl he could never forget, Hastings, now unexpectedly the Duke of Huntingdon, has searched for her for five years. But now that Genie is back, the duke has his chance for atonement and is determined to make it up to her… even if the reluctant Genie has to be persuaded.

I know, I know, 2 posts in one day! What is this, crazy town? LOL no, but I found out something pretty cool and I just had to share!

So, one of my all-time favorite authors is Monica McCarty. You want some good Highlanders, read hers.

Well, she just published a Regency! It’s “vintage Monica” since she wrote it years ago, but I don’t care. Read that blurb. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

I just bought this one, and I hope to read it this week. We’ll see, since life seems to be hitting me hard lately. (stomach flu. twice. ugh).

And she has another called Taming the Rake that looks to be out too. Take a look at that cover! Gorgeous! The 2 books don’t seem to be related, but I’ll be grabbing this one now that I know it’s out. Let me know if you guys end up grabbing them!





They are known as the Rake Slayers… Tired of the different standards applied to the men who flout society’s rules, three young ladies seek a little primitive justice and hatch a plan to bring a few of London’s most notorious rakes up to snuff before refusing them. But they soon learn exactly what it is that makes rakes so dangerous.

Tasked with bringing down the most notorious rake of all, the always capable and efficient Lady Georgina “Gina” Beauclerk is determined to show the wicked Earl of Coventry just what she has to offer… by promptly turning his dissolute world on its ear. Instead she finds her own world spinning out of control. Because even after she has organized his household, rid his home of alcohol, and paid off his mistress, she can’t help but see that there is more to the handsome earl than first she realized.

Forced into respectable society to escort his debuting sister, Coventry intends to find her a husband post-haste so he can return to the freedom and debauchery of his clubs. After the death of his unfaithful wife, the disillusioned Coventry has no intention of ever marrying again—especially not to an interfering busybody who won’t take “no” for an answer. No matter how much she tempts him.