It Happens at MidnightIt Happens at Midnight by Bonnie Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This book has 5 short stories and I tore through them. Please stay tuned, later this week, we’ll have a guest post and giveaway of this anthology, and you really don’t want to miss it!

The Stone Heart by Bonnie Edwards- We need more gargoyles, and more gypsy curses. I’m absolutely convinced that they are under-used in paranormal romances. This story also has a really unique twist on it that made me want more. Beginning with a sexy game of hide-and-seek, and ending with a broken curse, you’ll have to find out if love really does conquer all?

The Broken Gate by Vanessa Grant- This story has a very sad story with a bittersweet ending, and I think I was a bit shocked that such a short story was able to move me as much as this one did. I caught myself trying to read ahead to find out what happened. But the haunting story will resonate with the reader, making you want that happy ending. But you may not get it.

Staying Cool by E.C. Sheedy- This one will shock you with what the heroine is planning on doing, and surprise you that the hero is a gentleman at heart. This was a romantic suspense that had a great hero. This is also the only non-paranormal romance in the book.

The Trouble with Apples by Laura Tobias- This one was not what I thought it would be-imagine Adam and Eve must work together in a new incarnation, but the reader doesn’t know that until the end. I should have picked up on the hints, but missed all of them. It was a cool fun story.

The Last Fortune by Gail Whitaker- This one was about was about a Gypsy charlatan who is pursued by a man wanting vengeance. This one’s Historical PNR and it had a pretty good mystery. When you bargain with the devil, you never win. I think it was my favorite in the book, and I’d love to see that one continued into a series.

Absolutely a fast and intense book, although I wanted the stories to be longer. 🙂

This book is also free for all Kindle Prime members.

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***thank you to the Pen Warriors for the review copy.