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DemonLover is heading to Denver, CO 
this week to take in the festivities at 
RomCon 2012!
So far, here’s what we have on the schedule:
Intimate chats with…
Julia Quinn
Jeanne Stein
Elizabeth Hoyt
Alexandra Ivy
Delilah Marvelle

Monte Carlo Night: 
A murder mystery, gambling, and vegas style James Bond themed show!

Paranormal Dine-In To Promote Inter-Species Peace:  
Join Alexandra Ivy and Kelley Armstrong and more exciting names in paranormal as they host an “official” peace-keeping dinner.

Chocolate Mangasm II:  
The biggest, wildest bachelorette party in the world!  Erotic romance fans and girls just looking for a fun, crazy, and wildly naughty night of games and not-so-proper fun can join Delilah Marvelle and other erotic authors for chocolate, hot cover models, and giggle-worthy games.

My favorite event will include, what else, Man Candy!
The Legendary Hero contest should be VERY fun.
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and last but not least… 
I get to help with Author Speed Dating again! 
I had such a blast the first year, that I can’t wait.

Do you have questions for one of the authors attending?

Who would you like to see interviewed here on DemonLover’s?

If you could have an author’s autograph, who would it be?

Comment below: I just might be able to fill your request.

Remember to check back during the convention, Book Savvy Babe & I will be reporting & blogging during the whole event.
Stay tuned!