Before Ben by Cynthia EdenBefore Ben Series: Wilde Ways #3
on April 30, 2019
Format: eBook
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Enemies make the best lovers. It was a one night stand with her worst enemy. Ben Wilde was cocky, charming, and sexy as the best sin. He was also Courtney McKenna’s weakness. Every single inch of his muscled perfection was trouble and temptation. They’d sparred in the courtroom more times than she could count, and the tension between them had always been red-hot. One night should have been all she needed to get the guy out of her head and her dreams. Only…it wasn’t. Because before Ben, life was easy. Life after Ben? Hot. Dark. And dangerous. Courtney tries to fight her scorching desire for Ben even as they plan to face-off in court once again. Even as they fight for power. But once you cross some lines, there is no going back. And Ben doesn’t plan to let her go anywhere. He’s had a taste, but Ben wants a whole lot more. Ben Wilde has never believed that opposites attract, but there is something about button-downed, prim and proper Courtney that has always driven him wild. And when he gets her in his bed, the attraction he feels for her changes into a sensual obsession. Sure, they can be enemies in the courtroom, but in the bedroom, they are meant to be something else entirely. Be careful what you want… Someone out there doesn’t want Ben to have Courtney. Someone who will do anything to stop their attraction. But that predator in the dark is messing with the wrong man. When it comes to Courtney’s safety, Ben will break every rule in the book. He will stop pretending to be nice and show the world just how wicked and dangerous he can truly be. Because Courtney is his, and Ben will play dirty, he’ll play rough, and he will destroy anyone who threatens her. Author's Note: BEFORE BEN is a complete, stand-alone novel (no cliffhangers). It features one cocky but charming hero who will be brought to his knees, one heroine who will fight fiercely for exactly what she wants, and plenty of dark danger and twists thrown in for fun. Like a sexy story with chills and thrills? This is for you.

“You ever had a hate fuck?”

Well, that’s the best first line of a book. Wow. Ben is a huge flirt. He hits on Courtney all the time, but she never takes him seriously. He’s the cute guy who has an easy smile for everyone. She’s never really seen him as anything but flirty, even when they’re battling in the courtroom. He’s been hitting on her since law school, and nothing stops him.

But when her date doesn’t show up, Ben whispers naughty things to her. Courtney isn’t having it though. She leaves. Luckily Ben sees she’s forgotten something and chases after her. As he pops out of the bar, he sees Courtney being attacked.

They wind up spending the night together, and as soon as Ben leaves, the weird attacks against Courtney escalate. If you haven’t read the previous books (it’s totally okay! you’ll be fine!), Ben’s older brother Eric owns Wilde Security and is the best on the East Coast. Ben isn’t taking anything for granted where Courtney is concerned, and takes her straight to Wilde Security.

But somehow the attacker is able to track her and follow her no matter where she goes. Ben sticks to her like glue, and Courtney sees a whole different side to the guy she’s always thought of as easy going and flirty. Ben is very serious where Courtney is concerned. And Courtney is beginning to get serious about Ben.

The mystery in this book is definitely not something I saw coming, and I really enjoyed seeing Ben and Courtney stop fighting their chemistry. I liked seeing Courtney open herself up to a relationship, and I liked seeing previous characters from the other books. But we were introduced to a new character who I really like! I hope to see more on him.

Before Ben can be read as a standalone, as can all 3 books, so don’t worry if you haven’t read it. You won’t be confused. I’m really looking forward to not only the next book, but hopefully more on that ending!