YA Review: The Clackity by Lora SenfThe Clackity by Lora Senf
Series: A Blight Harbor Novel #1
on June 28, 2022
Genres: YA, Middle Grade
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover
Source: NetGalley, Purchased
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Reminiscent of Doll Bones, this deliciously eerie middle grade novel tells the story of a girl who must enter a world of ghosts, witches, and monsters to play a game with deadly consequences and rescue her aunt.

Evie Von Rathe lives in Blight Harbor—the seventh-most haunted town in America—with her Aunt Desdemona, the local paranormal expert. Des doesn’t have many rules except one: Stay out of the abandoned slaughterhouse at the edge of town. But when her aunt disappears into the building, Evie goes searching for her.

There she meets The Clackity, a creature who lives in the shadows and seams of the slaughterhouse. The Clackity makes a deal with Evie to help get Des back in exchange for the ghost of John Jeffrey Pope, a serial killer who stalked Blight Harbor a hundred years earlier. Evie must embark on a journey into a strange otherworld filled with hungry witches, penny-eyed ghosts, and a memory-thief, all while being pursued by a dead man whose only goal is to add Evie to his collection of lost souls.

My 8 year old and I have been reading creepy mysteries, and this is one of my favorites so far!
Evelyn lives with her aunt Des in a town called Blight Harbor. This is a town where everyone has a ghost, and creepy happenings are the norm. One day, her aunt goes to an old and abandoned slaughterhouse to investigate something. That something disappears her aunt.
Twelve year old Evelyn has to get her aunt back. She has to. So she goes off to the slaughterhouse to find her aunt. And she finds a monster instead.
She makes a deal with the Clackity to get her aunt back, but she has to bring it the ghost of a local serial killer. Like every fantastic quest, she’s given a set of vague instructions and off she goes.
You guys.
You guys! This book is intense. As in constant action. Constant flipping of pages. Constant feeling on the edge of your seat.
Evie is a fantastic heroine, and her quest is scary and exciting all at the same time. My daughter and I read it before bed, and I would catch her up with her book light reading far later than when I had tucked her in.
She told me to give this book 100 stars. Since I can only give it 5 here, that will have to do, but as per my 8 year old, this is 100 stars.

*I could’t open the file from Netgalley, so I bought this book.