Publisher: Intrigue

Jul 23

Review: Sharpshooter by Cynthia Eden

In this third installment of Cynthia Eden’s Shadow Agents series, we finally get to see Sydney and Gunner’s story. If you haven’t been following the series, it’s okay because this can be read as a stand-alone, and if you have, then you know that Sydney was once engaged to Slade,… Read more »

Jul 23
Guardian Ranger

Review: Guardian Ranger by Cynthia Eden

Veronica Lane’s brother Cale is missing. The problem is that no one believes her. Ironically Veronica’s last chance is at the Last Chance Bar. His name is Jasper Adams and he’s a mercenary who says he’ll help. What Veronica doesn’t know is Jasper really believes Cale is responsible for the… Read more »