Publisher: Hocus Pocus Publishing

Stay with Me by Cynthia Eden

Stay With Me by cynthia eden Series: Lazarus Rising #3 Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on December 12, 2017 Genres: PNR Pages: 164 Source: Advance Reader Copy Buy at Amazon • Buy at Barnes & Noble • Goodreads Shelly Hampton intends to spend the holidays alone in her family’s mountain cabin, but when a snow-covered stranger appears on her door-step, her plans are shot straight to hell. The man before her seems oddly familiar, and he stirs a dark need within her. It’s soon apparent that John Smith is far more than a normal man—he’s too strong, too fast,...

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Heart of Stone by Cynthia Eden

Heart of Stone by cynthia eden Series: Bad Things #5 Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on March 14, 2017 Genres: PNR Pages: 236 Source: Purchased Buy at Amazon • Buy at Barnes & Noble • Goodreads She was created to tempt…and enchant. Sabrina Lark is a muse who has the ability to inspire any man…to do absolutely anything. Unfortunately for Sabrina, the latest human to fall under her spell has turned out to have one very dark side. Now he’s obsessed with her, and she’s realized—too late—that she just inspired a serial killer. She truly has the worst luck...

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Keep Me Close by Cynthia Eden

Keep Me Close by cynthia eden Series: Lazarus Rising #2 Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on October 24, 2017 Genres: Dark Romantic Suspense Source: Advance Reader Copy, NetGalley Buy at Amazon • Buy at Barnes & Noble • Goodreads Flynn Haddox is a dead man. Literally. As a highly trained Navy SEAL, Flynn once worked covert missions for the U.S. government, but then his life was stolen away. Killed and placed in the secretive “Lazarus” program, Flynn was brought back from the dead and turned into a super-soldier. Now he has increased strength, enhanced senses, and a few psychic...

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Never Let Go by Cynthia Eden

Never Let Go by cynthia eden Series: Lazarus Rising #1 Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on September 26, 2017 Genres: Military Romantic Suspence, Rom-Suspense Pages: 278 Source: Purchased Buy at Amazon • Buy at Barnes & Noble • Goodreads He was more than just a man... Dr. Elizabeth Parker didn't like wild, dangerous men...yet she still found herself falling for sexy Navy SEAL Sawyer Cage. He was her exact opposite--a man she should definitely stay away from, a man who lived for the thrill of danger...but he was also the man she found herself wanting more than any other....

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Mating Bite by Cynthia Eden

Mating Bite by cynthia eden Series: Bite #2 Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on August 25, 2017 Genres: PNR Pages: 173 Source: Advance Reader Copy Buy at Amazon • Goodreads Werewolf Carter Sinclair is on the hunt. He’s tracking a newly turned vamp, a beauty with bite named Lauren McIntosh. Hunting her is the easy part. After all, no one can hide from a wolf. But once Carter gets the vamp in his arms, his easy mission suddenly goes straight to hell. One taste, one bite that should never have happened…and Carter is hooked—mind, body, soul. Nature has plans...

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Rating System Explanation

5 Stars

Five stars are like six-pack abs on a really tan, hunky guy not wearing much. They make us drool, we stroke them (the books, not the guys! - sometimes the guys...) and want to make sweet, sweet love to them. Five stars is the hottest, we mean, highest honor.


4 Stars

Four stars is a total hunkalicious of burning love, but maybe we didn't like his hair for some reason. We still think he's hot, and we're still going to recommend him, we mean, the book, to readers because it's a damn fine ass, we mean book.


3 Stars

Three stars = that awkward guy at the party. He's cute and you know he's cute, and if you look at him the right way, he even looks like Brad Pitt a little, but there are flaws. Surprisingly, he's good in bed (because you got drunk and shit happens).


2 Stars

Remember that - yeah we don't either.


1 Stars

One star is like expecting a somewhat attractive guy and being sent a Grumpy cat meme. We appreciate the effort, but no. This book was not for us. Grumpy cat might want to use it for litter though.

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