Over the Edge [Kaldor Saga 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Over the Edge by Scarlet Hyacinth:
Skaldor Saga, Book 2
5 Flames = Volcanic!

I am a big fan of Enraptured: Kaldor Saga, Book 1 Gabriel and Lucien’s story and I must say, Scarlet Hyacinth does it again. This time showing readers Kalin and Cade’s story.
The beginning of this book overlaps with some parts of Enraptured but from Kalin’s point of view. I really liked the prequel that explains some of the relationship between the three brothers and their evil mother.

And what happens when there are ‘safely’ back in Zeetah was completely unexpected. I ended up hating their mother even more while also appreciating the extreme subtlety of manipulation she possesses. If it had not been for Kalin’s narration of the scene I think I would have missed the digs and trouble she was trying (and succeeding) to stir.

I really liked that we got Gabriel’s point of view after the major catastrophe on Xeetah followed by a cliffhanger that jumped to Kalin’s point of view. The progression of Kalin and Cade’s relationship was interesting to watch since their characters were so different from Gabriel and Lucien, plus they seemed so much alike so it was nice that their conflict was very different from Enraptured. It ended wonderfully with just enough intrigue to draw you to what will hopefully come soon, Cain’s story.