Cody Connor
Meet Cody Connor, a student and newcommer to Fitness Modeling. We connected on FB and I thought he’d make a great addition to out Man Candy alumni.
Where are you from? Raised?

I was born in Santa Clara, CA, but moved to Iowa when I was 3. I grew up in a small city of about 30,000.
There are some farms on the outskirts, but it’s not completely rural if that’s the image you have in mind. haha.
When did you start lifting weights/ body building?

I started in 6th grade when I was about 80 lbs and smaller than everyone else for the most part. I decided I
was going to change that, and I researched and bought supplements and really worked hard to make it happen.

When was you first modeling shoot? And with what photographer?
My first shoot was around March of 2009 with Jay Diers, a photographer in Cedar Rapids, IA which is about 30 minutes from where I go to school.

What is your age/height/weight/etc…
I’m 22, 5’9″, and currently 160 lbs. My weight fluctuates though as I gain muscle and whatnot, because I’m constantly working out three days a week.

What do you do for fun?
For fun, I like to write, watch movies, go out with friends and dance every now and then, play with my dogs, and chat with friends online. I don’t have much free time because of school though, so some of these things I do less often than I’d like.

What is your favorite meal? (spaghetti, tacos, lasagna)
I really love fajitas, and if I can get them with shrimp, chicken, and steak, then that’s my favorite.

What is your 5 yr plan? Where do you see yourselves in the future?
Well, I’m graduating college in a couple months with my psychology major and chemistry minor, and I’ve been accepted into medical school at the University of Iowa for next year. In 5 years, I should be graduating medical school and then I will move to wherever the best residency takes me. I intend on being a psychiatrist, but I will also write in my spare time and hopefully publish some books.

I hear you are working on your first novel, please tell us more.
Yeah, I started the endeavor about two years ago. The process began with an idea of something completely new that I thought up, and then I outlined the first few chapters in a notebook and began writing. After about 80 pages, I stopped writing for a while because I was busy with school and only managed to work on it periodically during breaks. Not until this past winter break did I really get back to it, and now it’s about 250 pages long. I’ve also managed to outline every chapter in my notebook so I know where I’m going, broadly-speaking. I’m hoping to finish it up this summer. From the thickness of the plot I have planned, the book should be roughly 500 pages when finished, but that’s the first draft. As far as what that plot is, I don’t like to get into the nitty gritty—as most authors in the midst of writing a book—but I will say that it is my own style of writing, and it could probably be classified as military science fiction with a lot of character development and action and some great twists. As soon as my first draft is finished, I’ll be looking for some trusted friends and people to read it and critique and for me so that I can really make sure it’s great. I’m really looking forward to getting that last word typed and eventually seeing the finished piece on a shelf somewhere.

?You can find Cody on Facebook