By Mia Dymond
The first story in her SEALS, Inc. series is called Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll.
It has a Rock Star who just happens to be a Navy SEAL (Hawke).  He along with his team of SEALS (who pose as security guards) use his Rock Star cover to track down terrorists.  Rock Stars and SEALS what more can you ask for?? A Sexy Architect (Rachel) with a Sassy Interior Decorator sidekick (Cameron) who wears Prada and insists on Spa Day every Wednesday.  Cameron leads Rachel into flashing the body guard at a rock concert to get back stage and the fun begins. Loads of funny and sexy scenes (you will fall in love with Cameron by the way at least I did). A splash of mystery when someone from Rachel’s past starts stalking and threatening her thrown in the mix so the HOT Navy SEALS can come to the rescue. I personally loved the opening scene and dove into the sequel as soon as I was finished. I will be disappointed when I run out of stories in the series and have to wait for the next.
Mia Dymond writes contemporary romance (Indie) – http://www.amazon.com/Leather-Lace-Rock-n-Roll-SEALS-ebook/dp/B009JF5ZY8(currently FREE on Amazon as of the date of the review and subject to change)

Find Mia Here: http://www.dymondintherough.com/