#Giveaway and Review: Highland Protector by Catherine Bybee

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Highland Protector Highland Protector by
Series: The MacCoinnich Time Travels #5
Published by on November 19, 2013
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Pages: 300
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No ordinary hero can save Amber from death... it will take a Highland Protector

Amber MacCoinnich survival depends on her traveling to the twenty first century, or so her mother’s premonition told her. Death taunts Amber and offers peace in her endless pain. Without the mysterious savior her mother spoke of, Amber prepares for death only to wake with a handsome, dark stranger in her bed.

Gavin Kincaid spends his life shifting time in order to preserve and protect the MacCoinnich family and their line even though he’s never met one living MacCoinnich. A haunting portrait of a beautiful woman captures his attention and he embarks on a quest to put a name to the picture. When a colleague vanishes, the time-stream forces Kincaid to the twenty first century where he finds his mystifying woman close to death. His Druid gift can save her, but at what price? And when they both find themselves emotionally linked, the truth behind Kincaid’s heritage just might kill them both.

I met Catherine Bybee this summer when each of us had a book up for the RONE award, and let me just say, she’s hysterical. now I’ve read the first book in  this series called Binding Vows and I liked it, so I definitely wanted to read this one. Plus, hello, time travel and Highlanders? That’s my specialty 😉

Gavin Kincaid is fighting a battle in the 17th century, and his job is to protect the MacCoinnich line. He has druid powers to help him. While he’s fighting, he notices a portrait of a women and not only is he drawn to her, he’s incredibly curious seeing as that painting isn’t in  the castle in his time (2231). Once back in his time he begins searching for that painting.

Amber MacCoinnich is living in the 21st century, but she’s not from our time. Her druid gift of being able to feel what everyone is feeling and thinking is slowly killing her.

Gavin is thrown back to the 21st century and finds the woman from the painting on the verge of death. Can his powers heal her? And what would be the cost?

Catherine’s signature sense of humor, and intense storytelling shine through in  this latest installment of the MacCoinnich Time Travels.


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***ARC provided by the author




1686, MacCoinnich Keep Scotland


Fighting with a sword ranked up there with having sex without an orgasm. Holding the damn thing took too much energy and the end-result was anticlimactic and messy. Kincaid’s free hand itched to pull any one of his hidden weapons from the pockets of his modified seventeenth century clothes and finish off his opponent. The man’s death was inevitable. He had no earthly prayer of taking Kincaid. Even without the use of Kincaid’s gift, the kilted Scot had two fatal flaws working against him. One, he underestimated his opponent, never a good thing in battle. Two, Kincaid’s Druid gift would prevent any fatal blow from reaching his skin. He was damn near immortal.


Kincaid missed being skewered by the Scot’s blade by lunging to his right and placing one foot on the edge of the Keep’s massive stairs. Above him, other men fought, some with powers, a few without. Preventing the ancient Keep from falling into any hands that didn’t belong to descendants of the original owners, wasn’t going to happen. These missions were planned and orchestrated with extreme caution and precision.

The Scot advanced again—sweat falling from his brow with the effort of the fight.


“Kincaid!” He heard his name from the floor above, but didn’t make the mistake of looking up.


“I’m busy.” He blocked his opponent’s sword again, locked the man’s free arm, and attempted to pull it behind his back.


Kincaid was rewarded by taking an elbow in the ribs and having the wind knocked from his lungs.


“Finish him already. We need to move on.”


Moving on was his queue that their time was nearly up.


“I guess…” He shoved the Scot a foot away and lifted his sword high. “That means we’re done here.”


“Your confidence will be your downfall,” the Scot said.


Kincaid motioned the man forward. …said the spider to the fly…


The Scot advanced with a surge of strength and determination.


Kincaid held his ground, threw up his Druid shield, and watched as shock filled the man’s gaze when his sword bounced off the shield and opened him up for Kincaid’s final blow.


Killing never sat well with him. But he was a warrior and killing was part of his soul. Damn shame that.


Kincaid heard his name called again, and he took the familiar stairs two at a time to reach the others. From the corner of his eye, his gaze met a painting on the wall, one he’d not seen before.


His steps faltered as he connected with the haunting gaze of the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Didn’t matter that the painting was one dimensional, or that the woman was most likely dead…even in this century. He did a quick inventory of the other images on the walls and recognized only one. The same painting hung in that very space on the wall, so many years in the future. But this one…the picture of the woman with her long dark hair and pained focus as she attempted to smile, beckoned him. This painting he’d never seen.


“Kincaid! Dammit man, get your ass up here!”


Kincaid shook away the woman’s soulful gaze, bounded up the stairs, and trailed his band of men up the spiral staircase of the turret.


As they moved to the privacy of the bricked room, he noticed the small face of one of the Keep’s youngest occupants watching from behind an adjacent door.


Rory moved to close the door when Kincaid motioned toward their witness.


The child, a girl not more than ten years old watched with wide eyes. She didn’t appear frightened in the least.


“Is she…”


Rory lifted his hand, palm up, and from it, a small ball of fire swirled from nothing and hung suspended.


The girl’s wide eyes lifted and a small smile inched at the side of her lips. She lifted her hand and a sputtering of fire sprang from her fingertips.


Kincaid felt his pulse dip as he lifted his finger to his lips “Shh,” he whispered with what he hoped looked like a friendly smile.


Noise from the long staircase met their ears. Rory ushered them inside and closed the door. Before the noise from below became another battle, Kincaid closed his eyes, lifted his shield, and spread it over his small party…then he began to chant and time slid away.

HH w cupid



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  1. Jane

    I would travel to Ancient Egypt. I’m fascinated by the culture and political intrigue at that time.

  2. JoAnn

    Kilted braw men, Scotland and the whispers of bagpipes in the mists is where I would love to time travel. Before Culloden and after the Black Death… a quiet period in the highlands of Alba. Was there ever one of those?! *ponders*

  3. Bec

    As for answering the question I’d travel to Scotland. I now have an interest in seeing a man in a kilt and finding out what they really wear underneath. lol

  4. Marsha

    I would go to Austria on April 21, 1889 with a knife and a history book. Then, of course, I would kill baby Hitler.

  5. Nora-Adrienne

    I would like to travel back to when both my maternal grandparents were alive at the same time. I want to sit down with them and get their complete family history. By the time I had a chance to do that grams was in her late 70’s and not too sure of facts… and yet this woman was an alternate on the Nixon Nominating Committee, and a VA and FHA Appraiser. go figure.

  6. Cory

    I would go back to the 60’s or so, so I could meet my Mother’s Father whom I never got to meet but sounds like he was an amazing and talented man.

  7. Seona McDonald

    I started the book last night and I am about 3/4 through it and LOVING it. Amber’s story is one we fans have all been clamouring for and Catherine has delivered in spades! I guarantee you will fall in love with these characters and with the whole series. Enjoy!

  8. Cheryl Sanders

    If I could stand the bad hygiene, I would want to go back to Scotland, during the time of Robert the Bruce, minus the extreme danger, and find me a great big, hulking, sexy Highlander. I just don’t think they make them like that anymore 😉

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Chris

    I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to be a Mom in the 1950’s. Stay at home and raise the kids, join the PTA, belong to a bridge club, garden, read romance novels, cook what I like, and not worry so much about being thin!

  10. Doreen Lamoureux

    This is so funny, I had to ask my husband where he would go and he said the disco times…. lol. I would love to go to the 1940’s. There is just something about the music, the clothing. I love it.

  11. Pam Brewer


    I love reading historical romances both Regency and Victorian – but also I love reading books about the Highlands – so I would pick any one of those time periods.


  12. Rhonda

    I’d go to Dallas, TX on 11/22/63 and solve the conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination.

  13. Erica Pillera

    I would have liked to have seen a dinosaur but probably in one of those dreamscape travels where you can see them but they cant see you

    Oh and a Higlander or two would be nice

  14. Sandy Xiong

    I would love to go back to either medieval Scotland or during the regency times in England. Those 2 era fascinate me a lot

  15. Desi

    After reading these series I can only choose to live in the Highlands. But only if it comes with a guarantee of my own Highlander! Haha! I’m so ready for Amber’s story!

  16. Lucero Duran

    If I could travel anywhere in time it would be to either find me a highland hunk such as those in Catherine Bybee’s Time travel novels, if not I would like to travel to Italy in the Renaissance and Baroque eras just to see the great painters and sculptors work.

  17. Lucero Duran

    If I could Time travel back in time it would be either to find myself a Highland Hunk such as those in Catherine Bybee’s time travel novels or during the Renaissance an Baroques eras in Italy just so that I could see the great sculptors and painters at work. Only downside of traveling back in time would the lack of Hygiene and the food will probably not be as health plus I would miss my kindle that has an endless supply of books.

  18. JeanMP

    Definitely I would want to travel back in time to Scotland. All those rugged, kilt wearing men!

  19. Bookworm Brandee

    Great review! I love highlanders and Catherine Bybee – so I’ll be picking up this one! 🙂 If I could time travel, I think I’d pick the 17th century or the 19th century, and I’d want to go to Britain. 🙂

    I met Catherine at RT this year. She was wonderful, warm and welcoming – even if she did make fun of my blushing over a calendar of almost-nude men! *grin* I’m blushing just thinking of it.

  20. Kathleen O

    I think I would love to go back to ancient Ireland or Scotland and be a fierce warrior Princess or Queen.

  21. Shirl

    I love The MacCoinnich stories and have been patiently waiting for Amber’s story. It was great. I would like to travel back in time to the NW in the 1800’s and be on a horse ranch. Maybe have a druid cowboy there too.

  22. Sarah M

    Yay for the party sending us here! I can’t pick between two options – I’d either want to go back and meet Ben Franklin or Leonardo da Vinci. Both awesome invetors. I think they’d be really interesting to chat with!

  23. Filia Oktarina

    To the future, i think.
    I wanna see what happen on the future, but i wanna go back to ancient Scotland, to see man in klit. LOL!!


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