Hi everyone!! I’m really excited to introduce a friend of mine who let me bug her with some questions about writing. Without further ado, take it away Eden Summers!

Highland Hussy: So, Eden, you’ve had a quite a few books come out really close together. When do you find time to write as much as you do?

Eden: I had three releases in the space of six months. Seems huge, but really it wasn’t. My first contract was Concealed Desire – short novel length. While doing edits I wrote Sneaking a Peek, which is a novella. Then once that was submitted and contracted I decided to take part in the publishers call to write an erotic Halloween piece that was only a short story. The big time commitment was Concealed Desire and if it wasn’t written first I wouldn’t have had the quick turnaround that I did.

Highland Hussy: You’ve set a demanding schedule for yourself, is it hard to keep up with?
Eden: LOL. I’ve always said that I will never have enough time in this life to do all the things I want. I try to smoosh as much as I can into everyday. I set targets and make sure I hit them. Over the January school holidays (I’m in Australia where the kids have the entire month on vacation), I set a writing goal of 30k in 30 days. One thousand words isn’t a huge ask each day. So I made sure I met my goal. Although I did also have the part-time job, my kids, Concealed Desire’s release and my book blog to steal my time as well.  
I’m usually running around like a headless chicken and I do stress a lot, but I always hit my target. I would like to balance things better with my family and social life and 2013 will be my year to do that.

 Highland Hussy: Now, I know you from way back, so I know you use a pen name-what made you choose to use a pen name rather than writing under your own?

Eden: RWA Australia actually nudged me in the direction of choosing a pen name. I was told horror stories about stalkers and I remember reading a post or email about how erotic romance is very popular for prison inmates to read…so a pen name was an easy decision for me.

I also didn’t want my children ever being bullied over what I do. I live in a regional town that is still a little behind the times and having a different names stops my children from being associated with what I write…well for the most part anyway.

Highland Hussy:  When you write, do you prefer dead quiet? Or do you write to music?
Eden: I started out needing absolute silence. I would write in another room with earplugs in just so I could concentrate. I’m easily distracted.
But over time I became used to blocking out the noise. My kids could be killing themselves on the floor in front of me and I can still write. However, I don’t think I could ever, EVER write while listening to music. I get a lot of inspiration from song lyrics, they sink under my skin and I see story images cascade through my mind. So me and music will never be put together while writing.
Highland Hussy: Are there any must haves for you when you write? I always have to have coffee-what do you need?
Eden: I have the worst habit, but I need either food or coffee to write. I need something to reach for when I’m stumped…and I reach often. I try to be healthy. I go through stages where I will go to the effort of chopping up an apple into tiny slithers just so I have something to nibble on. I once ate so many almonds in one writing session that I made myself sick, but most of the time I eat junk – a chocolate bar or chips. At the moment I’m blessed to have a great metabolism, but once that shuts off I’m going to be in a whole world of hurt.

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Book Blurb
A love that breaks all the rules…

Since her first day at work, Beth Graison has been in love with Dean Sutherland—the “Son” in Sutherland & Son. Although he’s an unrepentant player, there’s an unmistakable connection between them, and she knows he feels it too. But she’s not about to risk her career for any man, especially one with an office right down the hall whom she works with every day.

Dean Sutherland doesn’t do love, but he does do women. And he hasn’t felt more than sexual attraction for any woman until Beth. Entirely feminine, smart, and with a natural beauty beyond compare, she makes him think about all kinds of uncomfortable things—like a future and happiness—things he knows from experience are pure fiction.

When his father, the “Sutherland” in Sutherland & Son, propositions Beth to be more than just an employee, Dean can’t keep her at arm’s length any longer. But he doesn’t expect the scorching kiss they share, or the idea that forms when he holds her in his arms. Can he stop his father’s manipulating game by making the first move on Beth? Or will his reputation as a womanizer make him just one more Sutherland she wants to ignore?

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