Okay, where were we…
Slowing down…
We discussed BEFORE SEX, now how about…
(my favorite part)
How does that old rock song go…”Stoke me, Stoke me!”….LOL
Just kidding, what I mean is, this is the time to ease into things; petting, touching…
No groaping his unit ladies!
 and men, please DO NOT tune in Tokyo, we hate that. No naughty parts just yet. Time to explore your partners body and be selfish…touch what and where you want to. Feel the the places that excite you.
His chest, stomach, face and even run your fingers through his hair.
Just connect.
Then let him do the same.
Now…FOREPLAY (for you sports guys out there, this is not about GOLF!)
Foreplay is important and a must in efforts for slow sex. Try not to race through this boys & girls.
Try a little oral, yes you both can do this and do it to completion; for both parties.
(Yes, CLIMAX…The big “O”…if you are not getting this already in your sex life,
drop that zero & get yourself a hero!)
You’ve now set the stage for Intercourse…
Choose a position that affords a visual connection, look in to those baby blues or whatever color they are.
This will increase the intamacy between you… build the moment gradually.
Immediately roll over, grab the remote and turn on the game…Just Kidding!
This is just as important!!! Remember when we’d sigh and say “oh how I love a man who cuddles after!”
Well, duh…of course we do.
It is the FINALE to the grand performance, the cherry on the sundae.
Lie together, breathing and still…savor this moment, sweat glissening on each other’s skin…
This is the cement that bonds you together…Or maybe that’s another sticky substance??
Either way, talk, whisper naughty things to each other, tempt and tease.
and by all means, if you are ready to go again…remember
“Perfect practice, make perfect…
sex, that is”
I think in a nutshell, we all lead busy and stressful lives and sometime forget to take the time for the important things. Our relationships with our spouses, lovers or partners are the most important.
By giving of ourselves, we will receive that much more in return.
Take the time to make the time. Love, laugh and be a little naughty.