#Coverreveal The heart of a womanby Jennifer Oneal Gunn
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Jennifer Oneal Gunn is a writer, an editor, and the single mom of two kids. On her journey in the writing world she's seen a whole lot of things. She's seen both sides of the spectrum. She knows what it's like to edit and format, but she also knows what it's like to be the writer and have patience.

Since 2010, she's seen the many faces of the industry, but she will tell you she's learned a lot and still loves what she does. She writes because it's like the air she breathes. The written word lives inside her, gripping her, waiting for the right time to make its appearance on pages. As a Poet and Author, Jennifer has been featured in a couple of anthologies, she's also dabbled in a bit of self-publishing as well, which she finds fun, but she really likes making new friends who quickly become close to her.


Title: The Heart of a Woman
Author: Jennifer Oneal Gunn
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: October 26th!
Connect with Jennifer:
@WriterJGunn on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/WriterJGunn