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May 14

Take it Off Tuesday…w/ Colin Wayne

Take IT Off, Tuesday proudly introduces  COLIN WAYNE Soldier Athlete Model Husband Father… Thank you for being part of this website and  for your commitment in all the things you do! Colin was kind enough to answer a few questions for us… Where are you from? Born and raised? Born and raised… Read more »

Apr 08
Man Candy of the Week: Rudi Strydom

Man Candy of the Week: Rudi Strydom

Man Candy of the Week:  Rudi Strydom Photo by LUIS RAFAEL  Once again I was looking for another candidate for Man Candy of the week and stumbled across this very interesting mate. My favorite photographer, Luis Rafael, has captured some magnificent images of Rudi and I’d like to share them… Read more »

Jan 28

The ORIGINAL Man Candy!

Does anyone remember this photo? Well, by some mystical miracle… he found me! Say hello to Adrian Gatuso Crazy huh? Well Adrian is Romanian, 25 years old and a football…I mean Soccer player. It seems that this was an amateur photo shoot and nothing really came of it. I think he… Read more »

Jan 27

Man Candy of the Week!

DemonLover here. I want to apologize for the slow down in content and delicious hot man candy over the last few months. Sometimes life gets in the way and we have to prioritize what’s important. But I will be picking up the pace once again and have many exciting posts… Read more »

Oct 10

Man Candy revisited

Man Candy Re-visited ? I thought we’d take a look at a favorite man candy, since October is his month on my man candy calendar. Andre Claude ? I had the pleasure of interviewing Andre via telephone in May of 2010 for Man Candy of the week. Andre is truly one… Read more »

Sep 08

Man Candy of the week: Meet Geo!

Say Hello to Mr. Geobanny Paula from Miami, Florida! Thanks to our favorite photographer I stumbled across Geo the other day & asked him to be part of the DemonLover’s Man Candy Elite! He said “YES”, and consented to answer some standard questions… Q: Where are you from? Raised? A:… Read more »