Book Twister Tuesday
What is that? you ask…
Well, it’s something I just made up.
So let’s have some fun with our book collection.
Here’s how to play!
Stand in front of yor book shelf, book pile or wall of literature and stick out your right hand and grab the first book you see with RED on the spine or cover.
Open the book to a random page, right side.
What is the first complete sentence on that page.
Type the entence in the comments below,
name the book & author
and tell me if the book is on your TBR list or if you READ IT.
I’ll go first:
Page 135
“He hadn’t seen her in 3 weeks, and after tonight he wouldn’t see her again until Christmas, but in between they would have shrimp cocktail and some beers and some fun in the cool, freshly laundered sheet’s of Merrin’s bed.”
HORNS by Joe Hill, TBR list
Can’t wait to see what you’ve got to tease on Twister Tuesday!