A Vampire's SalvationA Vampire’s Salvation by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

This Nocturne Bites begins with our hero Cord on a chain gang swinging a pickax.

He was wrongly convicted 15 years ago of murder and as a vampire that’s an instant death sentence, so while he’s on Death Row, his fiancee leaves him, takes his money, takes over his clans business, and his family disowns him. The only person who seems to even care is Chancellor (half-human/vampire) Olivia. And the best part? She was part of the prosecution!

Olivia was part of the team that put Cord away, but she’d known from the beginning he was innocent. She just had to prove it. Once the body of his best friend shows up fifteen years after his supposed death, all kinds of questions are raised, and Cord, being imprisoned, has an airtight alibi. Olivia gets him free, but how can they prove his innocence?

My favorite thing about this short story was that Cord had to work at being a free man. What I mean is that he had flashbacks to prison, he had to work at not walking with a shuffling from having his feet chained. I guess I like that he didn’t get out of prison and suddenly he was perfect hero material-he was damaged goods, he’d had his throat slit and his vocal chords sliced changing his voice forever.

This is a 5 flame book mainly because Alexis Morgan did this all in a short story that took me a half hour to read. I mean that’s a lot of plot packed into a Nocturn Bite!

Excellent short and great for anyone who loves Alexis Morgan’s New Eire vampires, or just anyone who loves vampires set in a slightly different world full of Vampires, Chancellors and humans.

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