A Deadly Whisper (The Watchers, #1)A Deadly Whisper
by Stacey Kennedy

My rating: 3 of 5 flames
I haven’t seen a series like this one before. It almost reminds me of Shannon K. Butcher’s Sentinel’s series with the warrior needing his other half and then together they fight demons, but it’s not confusing like SKB’s.

The world building in this series is super easy to follow, and premise is cool. The premise is that Paxtyn has been having visions her entire life-but they are visions of the dead. She watches them die, but can do nothing. Her family treated her as if she were crazy- medications, psych evaluations, you get the idea.

Well, she’s out enjoying lunch with her roommate and best friend Tate, when a vision strikes. Even Tate doesn’t know about them, and she usually tells him everything.
Trying to shake off the vision of death, she scans the crowed pub, and meets the intense gaze of some incredibly hot, incredibly out of place man. It turns out he’s a fallen angel, and he’s looking for his Watcher.

This is where the super cool concept for a plot happens:

Paxtyn is his Watcher-her gift is to watch people die, but in all her years of hiding and suppressing her gift, she never once tried to talk to the spirits. Knox encourages her to do so, and she is able to help identify their killers…Demons!
So we have fallen angels trying to survive, and trying to find their Watchers, and trying to fight for humanity.

My only complaint is that I got very VERY frustrated with the heroine.

Misunderstandings are one thing, but this one drove me nuts! I won’t spoil what the misunderstanding is, mostly because it’s a big plot factor, but also I didn’t like that part and I know it won’t bother other readers, so I don’t want to ruin that for anyone.

I liked her smart mouth, I liked when she finally confronted Knox about why he hadn’t told her she was supposed to be his soul mate, but I didn’t like how easily they moved past their issues.

My favorite part of this story was Tate. I want him to be my warrior.

Anyone who likes fallen angels, demon bad guys and a normal girl thrown into this world will enjoy this book.